Universitas Advent Indonesia

Tentang UNAI

UNAI adalah universitas yang unik sebab melaksanakan program pendidikan berasrama. Melalui program pendidikan berasrama ini diharapkan para mahasiswa dapat lebih mandiri dan memiliki dispilin pribadi yang tinggi. Kehidupan di asrama diatur dengan jadwal yang cukup ketat denan demikian mahasiswa yang tinggal diasarama akan terbiasa dengan program harian yang teratur dan berdispilin pula.

Keunikan lain yang menbedakan UNAI dari universitas yang lain adalah adanya sistem berkuliah sambil bekerja. Disamping untuk membantu pembiayaan perkuliahan, program kerja yang disediakan oleh UNAI juga bertujuan untuk menanamkan etos kerja kepada para mahasiswa. Hampir semua alumni UNAI yang kini telah menikmati karir yang sukses menyatakan bahwa faktor utama yang membuat mereka sukses adalah program kerja yang mereka jalani selama berkuliah di UNAI.


About Adventist University of Indonesia (UNAI)

Adventist University of Indonesia ( UNAI ) is a university that is unique because it administers an education program together. Through the educational programs, it is hoped that the students will learn to be independent and owns high personal discipline. Life in the dorm is regulated with schedules that are tight and thus the student that lives in the dorm will be used and trained with daily programs that are orderly and also disciplined.

The uniqueness that makes UNAI different from other universities is the system of both studying while working. Besides helping the tuition fee, the work program that is provided by UNAI is aimed to embed working ethnic within the students. Almost all the alumni of UNAI has enjoyed a successful career said that the main factor that made them successful is the work program that they passed through during their course of study in UNAI.


Message from Rector

Bpk. R. Hutabarat

In our modern world, education is the key that opens many doors of opportunity and avenues to usefulness. True education seeks not only to impart knowledge of the world about us, but also endeavors to teach the art of thinking critically about temporal and eternal issues. It encourages the development of the whole person, giving attention to the intellectual, emotional, social, physical and spiritual dimensions.

At Adventist University of Indonesia ( UNAI ) we encourage a holistic approach to education where intellectual pursuits are balanced with other activities. Our on-campus accommodation fosters the emotional and social dimensions and provides the challenge of working together to achieve group goals. Our campus represents a multi-cultural community of teachers and student working together to achieve personal goals as well as to better the lot of humanity.

We are dedicated to seeing our clients achieve their personal goals. We endeavor to focus their minds on the ideal of service to humanity as the ultimate goal in life, for in bringing happiness to others true meaning and happiness comes to the giver. This means that we emphasize ethical and moral values and the benefits of kindness and gentleness.

You will find Adventist University of Indonesia a pleasant and enjoyable place. Our main campus at Parongpong, Bandung is located in a serene country setting surrounded by rural activities. Aside form the local students; we have also foreign students who come from Malaysia and People’s Republic of China. All live together in peace and harmony, as we foster the idea that all men and women are born equal and deserve honor and respect. These outcomes derive from the Christian ethical values that we treasure and practice.

Welcome to UNAI for the new students! Here is the campus, where we proclaim God’s grace every time in our daily activities!