Philosophy Education

The philosophy of education of Universitas Advent Indonesia is based on the beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church which is in line with the philosophy of Pancasila & the 1945 Constitution. The philosophy of education consists of the following beliefs:

  1. The Lord God is the Creator of the universe, including the Creator of human beings. Thus, the Lord God is the source of all knowledge and the source of all scientific truth.
  2. The first humans created were perfect in physical, spiritual, and mental strength and possessed the nature of eternal life. However, due to Satan’s temptation, the first humans fell into sin and the perfection and eternal nature of life was lost to them and to their descendants.
  3. Jesus Christ has come into the world to redeem and save sinners. The restoration of sinners and the return of perfection and eternal life is only possible through educational endeavors, namely by bringing sinners back to Jesus Christ.
  4. Perfect educational results can only be achieved through educational efforts that are balanced, comprehensive, integrated and last for life.
  5. Love, is the primary basis for all educational processes and outcomes.