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Welcome to Universitas Advent Indonesia, We are delighted to welcome foreign students from around the world to our vibrant academic and cultural environment. Universitas Advent Indonesia has been the best and most trusted choice for years for students from all regions of Indonesia and even abroad. Until now, there have been many foreign students studying at UNAI, such as from Malaysia, Myanmar, the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, and many others.

UNAI provides opportunities for all foreign students who want to study in Indonesia to become excellent and professional graduates who are ready to face the global world and to encourage foreign students to participate in academic and non-academic activities in a balanced manner by creating a supportive environment that is suitable for students’ needs.

Foreign students at Universitas Advent Indonesia are also well-developed in terms of learning, education, and organizational activities, and offer a friendly and supportive community with diverse students from different backgrounds, aiming to enrich your academic journey and provide unique opportunities to explore new cultures, ensuring success and a fulfilling experience.

Regarding information on academic programs, facilities, student activities, scholarships, and others, you can find out by changing the language to the English version at the top of the website.

To apply for a study at the Universitas Advent Indonesia undergraduate degree (S1) program and master degree (S2), international applicants can click this link:

UNAI Foreigners Association

The UNAI Foreigners Association was formed against the background of foreign students who chose to study at the Universitas Advent Indonesia , with the formation of the UNAI foreigners association being an organizational forum needed by foreign students to share ideas, experiences and needs and develop the name of the university at the international level.

Noting how this can build a university’s credibility and open up potential for more and more students who want to study at our university, besides that the role of UFA is as an organization that coordinates all foreign students in the lecture process and helps one another so that all these activities can be arranged properly.



Creating foreign students who are competent and excellent in intellectual, emotional, and spiritual knowledge and skills.



Enhance the relationship between international students at Adventist University of Indonesia.

Develop an international network for international students for the advancement of the

Creating students to become individuals who have academic and professional abilities that can
develop abilities.

Producing graduates who are able to contribute to the university for a better future.

The UNAI Foreigners Association also has programs such as collaborative services with foreign students from Myanmar, visits to temples to learn about the history of religion in Indonesia, foreign student welcome parties, zoom worship events attended from various countries, and other programs. Not only that, but even The association of foreign students from Malaysia (UMA-Unai Malaysian Association) also often holds annual event programs such as spiritual services to churches and other programs. Experience the best learning opportunities, competition, and excellence at Universitas Advent Indonesia.

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“There are many other universities out there and also in Malaysia, but I chose Universitas Advent Indonesia. (UNAI) to continue my studies. The beauty of the green environment and the very clean air make me very comfortable to carry out my activities and studies at UNAI In addition, I also chose to gain knowledge at UNAI because there are many spiritual activities that are carried out and this can further increase my spirituality.

Tracy Mersela Nelson, Alumnus of the Bachelor of Philosophy

UNAI adalah tempat pengajian yang sangat memuaskan. Staf pengajarnya sangat mesra dengan pelajar, dan fasiliti pembelajarannya juga lengkap. Pembelajaran di UNAI tidak hanya tertumpu kepada pertumbuhan akademik sahaja tetapi pertumbuhan rohani dan sosial juga. Di UNAI, saya berpeluang bergaul dengan pelajar-pelajar dari pelbagai latar belakang budaya dan agama. Semasa berkawan dengan mereka, saya dapat belajar pelbagai bahasa seperti bahasa Batak dan Jawa. Saya sangat berpuas hati dengan pengalaman pengajian saya di UNAI dan dengan tulusnya mengesyorkan universiti ini kepada sesiapa yang ingin melanjutkan pengajian di peringkat universiti

Ernest Beardly Pani, Alumnus of the Bachelor of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences